Faculty Highlights: Fall 2023

Penelope Andrews
Lenni Benson
Heidi Brown
Kirk D. Burkhalter
Richard Chused
Anna Cominsky
Anthony Crowell
Catharine Du Bois
Shahrokh Falati
Kris Franklin
Doni Gewirtzman
Matt Gewolb
Gowri Krishna
William LaPiana
Molly Guptill Manning
Justin Murray
Rebecca Roiphe
Andrew Scherer
David Simson
Lynn Boepple Su
Ruti Teitel
Claire Thomas
Amy Wallace
Britney Wilson

New York Law School faculty are dedicated educators and renowned experts in their respective fields. Their scholarship and professional achievements advance the rule of law and legal educational excellence in New York, across the nation, and around the world. These items represent a sample of the activities of NYLS’s full-time faculty.