Charles Guria ’86 Inspector General of NYPD

Adjunct Professor Charles Guria ’86 Named Inspector General

Charles Guria ’86 Inspector General of NYPD

“Oversight is only a concern for those that fear daylight.”
Charles Guria ’86

NYLS has been turned to yet again to provide great talent to our great city. Adjunct Professor Charles Guria ’86 was named on August 4, 2022 to the critical role of Inspector General for the New York City Police Department. Professor Guria will lead a team of 18 investigators, policy analysts, and attorneys.

Professor Guria is a true son of New York City. Raised in Jamaica, Queens by a housing police officer and a registered nurse, he cites his parents’ teachings about fairness as inspiration for his career holding police accountable.

He received his J.D. from New York Law School in 1986, and while at the School, he helped to establish the Prosecution Clinic and lead it as an Adjunct Professor. Today, NYLS has two prosecution clinics—one with the Manhattan DA’s Office and one with the Brooklyn DA’s Office.

His career as a dedicated public servant has been a wide-reaching pursuit of justice. His legal career began as a trial attorney in the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society in Manhattan. He moved on to the Appellate Division of the First Judicial Department, where he handled attorney disciplinary proceedings for violations of New York State ethical rules. In April 1990, he became an assistant district attorney in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. In this role, he investigated and prosecuted allegations of corruption involving public officials. He took a leave from his role at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office to serve on the Commission to Investigate Alleged Police Corruption, known as the Mollen Commission, where he investigated police corruption. In 1994, he became Chief of Civil Rights and Police Integrity in the Rackets Division—a critical role in which he supervised hundreds of investigations of hate crimes and police misconduct.

Most recently, Professor Guria served as a senior trial assistant district attorney and supervisor of complex fraud, corruption, and serious violent crime cases and Chief of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Civil Rights and Police Integrity Bureau.

“I am deeply honored to be named Inspector General of the New York City Police Department. As I embark on this important work I will draw on the insights and knowledge I’ve gained in my thirty plus years of criminal justice experience including my twenty plus years in the area of police accountability,” Professor Guria said in the DOI press release announcing his appointment. “I look forward to leading the dedicated staff of this unit. I also look forward to working with the various groups that have an interest in the success of this important oversight mission.”

“I am extremely proud that my friend and colleague, Professor Charles Guria, has been selected for this critically important role—one of the most important in American law enforcement,” said NYLS Dean and President Anthony W. Crowell. “Charles’s great intelligence, fearlessness, and fierce commitment to accountability and justice are hallmarks of his distinguished career. Everything he has done in the decades leading to this moment make him the right person for this job at among the most challenging times in our City’s history. I congratulate him and pledge the assistance of the Law School’s programs and experts in support of his office.”

Indeed, with key programs, like NYLS’s 21st Century Policing Project—led by Professor Kirk Burkhalter ’04, a retired NYPD Detective First Grade—and Professor Burkhalter’s new course “Policing the Police,” as well as the School’s work in criminal justice reform and social and racial justice, NYLS is well positioned to help.