NYLS graduates

The Bar Exam Is Around the Corner. Help Our Grads Succeed.

NYLS graduates

The bar exam is a critical step for a lawyer’s initial licensure and a rite of passage for every law school graduate. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work to prepare for the exam. Through the Office of Academic and Bar Success Initiatives, New York Law School (NYLS) offers our law students an array of bar support programs, individualized counseling, intensive courses, and mentoring opportunities to help them achieve this important milestone.

Every graduate taking the bar looks forward to passing and celebrating the momentous occasion. At a celebration for July 2023 bar takers hosted by the Dean’s Office and the Office of Academic and Bar Success Initiatives, Anthony Geremonte ’23 said, “I feel like a million pounds are off my shoulders. It’s so surreal to be done with school, done with the bar, and actually now I’m even an attorney. I can’t believe I’m finally here.” Of the bar prep experience, Geremonte noted, “It was definitely a journey in finding out what works best for you. I followed the bar program closely, then always chimed in to see what the Bar Success team was emailing. I thought it was really helpful how the School always checked in and offered a lot of extra resources.”

Associate Dean for Academic and Bar Success Shane Dizon said, “We take immense pride in supporting our graduates through every single stage of the bar exam preparation period and in celebrating their successes together. Our grads know they have best-in-class resources and that they have a devoted team of Bar Success educators coaching and cheering them on. And as they pass the bar exam, they truly embody the NYLS spirit of giving back to the community and become exceptional role models for their successors.”

At recent celebrations for our July 2023 and February 2024 bar takers, Alexandra Simels ’19, a co-founder of an NYLS bar success mentoring program which pairs recent alumni with graduating students to help them navigate bar exam prep and admission, spoke to the jubilant groups and encouraged them to pay it forward by signing up as mentors. “As I expect many people here are thankful to your mentors for whatever advice or mutual support they gave you, people will feel that way about you. Please consider being that person to someone going forward as a bar mentor.”

Become a Bar Exam Champion for NYLS Students

To support our bar takers, you can contact the NYLS Office of Academic and Bar Success Initiatives and volunteer to become a bar mentor for future bar takers. You can also donate to the NYLS Bar Success Fund, which pays for support programs and lunches for our bar takers. Learn more about why your support matters.

Bar Success Initiatives at NYLS

To best prepare students for admission to the bar, the NYLS Office of Academic and Bar Success Initiatives lays out a road map for the multi-step process of fulfilling state bar licensing requirements. The team also offers individualized counseling for bar exam preparation and a range of other bar support programs.