Criminal Defense Clinic Partners With Good Call to Support Low-Income New Yorkers Pre-Arraignment

News From the Criminal Defense Clinic - Good Call

The hours after arrest are not only anxiety-provoking. They’re also a critical window when a person’s rights can be violated. What happens during this period can complicate an individual’s case down the road, through statements given to police without a lawyer present or without the individual having full knowledge of his or her rights.

The nonprofit Good Call seeks to fill that gap for low-income New Yorkers who don’t have the luxury of calling private attorneys—and don’t yet have the right to a public defender. (In New York, the right to counsel in New York attaches at arraignment.)

Good Call operates a 24/7 hotline staffed by volunteer attorneys equipped to provide on-the-spot legal advice and help people understand their post-arrest rights and options.

This past summer, the nonprofit fielded thousands of calls a day from protesters, and its services are now available to people living in all five boroughs. As the organization expands, it is helping to close the access-to-justice gap citywide.

This semester, NYLS’s Criminal Defense Clinic has partnered with Good Call to create comprehensive, unified training materials for its growing base of attorney volunteers, who have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Clinic students have begun a series of conversations with Good Call’s senior staff and are conducting research as they develop the materials. As the academic year progresses, the year-long clinic also plans to create materials that will help Good Call’s volunteer attorneys refer callers to housing, immigration, and other related resources. And students may later develop “know-your-rights” resources for New Yorkers who call the hotline.

The new partnership is a win-win-win—for Good Call, for NYLS students learning about criminal defense practice in action, and, most of all, for New Yorkers in need of legal assistance.

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