Class of 2023 Employment 95%

NYLS Announces 95% Employment Rate for Class of 2023; 91% Employed in Gold Standard Jobs

Class of 2023 Employment 95%

New York Law School (NYLS) has achieved a 95% overall employment rate for the Class of 2023, with 91% of the class in jobs considered “gold standard” bar-required or J.D.-advantage positions. These rates of employment are as of 10 months after graduation.

“I am extraordinarily proud of our 2023 graduates and the entire Academic Planning and Career Development team who have been partners together to achieve this historic success,” said Anthony W. Crowell, Dean and President. “Our graduates are employed in positions in New York and beyond where they are already making an impact. This has been the result of our exceptional student support teams, our thoughtful and strategic approach, and our reputation with employers who know that, when they hire an NYLS graduate, they are getting someone with unmatched grit, determination, and the education and experience to hit the ground running from day one.”

Nearly one third of employed graduates entered the public sector (including government and state and federal judicial clerkships) and public interest careers. Over 53% of employed graduates went into private practice roles, with 20% of those going into “Big Law” (law firms with 500+ attorneys), and 18% into mid-sized firms (law firms with 101-500 attorneys).

NYLS has achieved these record employment rates thanks to the best-in-class Office of Academic Planning and Career Development, which is part of the School’s unique and seamless continuum of wraparound student support programs that begin before the first day of 1L orientation.

The Office helps students with all aspects of their careers, from polishing résumés and preparing for interviews to negotiating salaries and developing a professional network. They also connect with NYLS’s 18,000+ alumni and work hand-in-glove with a wide range of legal employers.

“Our students benefit from working with the Office comprised of professionals with  varied legal experience and expertise in public interest and government, large firms, judicial clerkships, and alternative legal careers. We connect with each student and help them find the opportunities that will best position them to achieve their career goals,” said Erin Felker Bond ’08, Associate Dean for the Office of Academic Planning and Career Development.

In addition, there is seamless collaboration with the Office of Academic and Bar Success and Office of Student Life to ensure full coordination and integration into a student’s law school journey so that they achieve their desired educational pathway and career. This employment data was reported as part of NYLS’s annual compliance with American Bar Association reporting compliance.

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