NYLS Rises to the Challenge: Jay Manfre '15

NYLS Rises to the Challenge: Jonathan (Jay) Manfre ’15

NYLS Rises to the Challenge: Jay Manfre '15

Editor’s Note: As the nation responds to COVID-19, NYLS alumni and students are sharing their time, talents, and resources to benefit their local communities and the School. In this series, we’ll share their stories.

When Jay Manfre ’15 was an NYLS student, he planned his law school class schedule around his other passion—bodybuilding.

After graduation, Manfre joined a personal injury law firm on Long Island and continued devoting his spare hours to his local gym. Two years later, he was approached at the gym by a partner at a different law firm—one that worked closely with companies producing nutritional supplements. Manfre jumped at the chance to combine his interests.

The role eventually led to a connection at REDCON1, a sports nutrition upstart that now sells its products in 80 countries globally and describes itself as “the fastest-growing sports supplement company in history.”

Manfre—who is now based in Delray, Florida—has served as REDCON1’s Chief Legal Officer since March 2019. His portfolio is vast, encompassing trademark, contract reviews, compliance with FDA and other regulatory requirements, and much more.

How He’s Making a Difference

As an essential business, REDCON1 has continued producing food during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, Manfre and his colleagues facilitated the donation of more than 20,000 meal replacement bars to health care workers and emergency responders in South Florida. Because these products have the same caloric intake as a meal but are individually wrapped and can be consumed on the go, they’re ideal for essential responders working around the clock.

Why He Supports NYLS Students

Manfre, through REDCON1, is also supporting NYLS’s Annual Fund, which provides critical emergency funds and supports student scholarships, innovative academic programs, and much more. He shared why:

“Not many people can say that they were able to combine their hobbies/passions with their legal career,” Manfre said. “NYLS provided me with the education and skills necessary to pursue this amazing opportunity. REDCON1 is making this donation to the Annual Fund to give back to the school that made my dreams a reality.”

Those who wish to give similarly can learn more here.