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New York Law School Law Review Publishes Race, Bias, and Advocacy Edition

New York Law School Law Review

New York Law School is proud to publish a special edition of the New York Law School Law Review, featuring groundbreaking scholarship by faculty who lead the School’s Race, Bias, and Advocacy course and racial justice programs. The articles contained within are a comprehensive examination of the consequences of the systemic racism that still exists and impacts communities around the nation. The goal is to provide insightful perspectives to fellow institutions and faculty colleagues in teaching and thinking about the ways race and racism have influenced the development of American law and policy.

In celebrating this unique and timely work, Dean Anthony Crowell said, “This comes at a pivotal moment for our nation, as the struggle over how to teach and understand our racial history reaches a fever pitch. This makes the mission and work in American legal education an essential antidote by providing factual history and substantive analysis. We believe that if law students do not graduate with a firm grasp of this history and its consequences, they will be ill-equipped to become the leaders in the profession we need to transform justice and establish fully representative systems.”

NYLS will continue to create opportunities to partner with other law schools so that legal education continues to play a leading role in shaping the conversations and debates happening nationally and throughout local communities.

Faculty Members Featured:

Deborah Archer, President of the American Civil Liberties Union, Professor of Clinical Law, Co-Faculty Director of the Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law at NYU School of Law, and former NYLS Academic Dean, authored the work’s Preface.

The Law Review’s faculty publisher is Professor of Legal Writing Michelle Zierler and the 2021–2022 Editor in Chief was Kirsten Kovats and the Managing Editor was Daniel Depasquale. See full board list.