Faculty in the News

NYLS Faculty Share Their Expertise on the Census Count, Policing, and the Derek Chauvin Trial

Faculty in the News

NYLS’s distinguished faculty members are pros at analyzing the most pressing legal, policy, and criminal justice stories of the day. Recently, faculty members spoke with national media outlets about the 2020 Census count, the urgent need for police reform, and the Derek Chauvin trial.

Census Announcement

Earlier this week, the U.S. Census Bureau released congressional reapportionment data. When news emerged that based on the data, New York had lost one district, NYLS Adjunct Professor and Senior Fellow Jeff Wice became the go-to expert for media.

Wice, who oversees NYLS’s New York Census and Redistricting Institute, was quoted in Politico, Bloomberg News, Gothamist, NBC New York, and other outlets. He was also interviewed by Capitol Pressroom and WNYC,

“I think we should be thankful that we got as high a count as we have,” he told Gothamist. “New York has been losing two or more Congressional districts each of the last seven decades, and New York’s loss of one district represents the smallest loss since World War II.”


Professor Kirk Burkhalter ’04 is Director of NYLS’s new 21st Century Policing Project. As a retired NYPD Detective and law professor, he is frequently called upon to discuss police reform and high-profile police shootings in the media. This week, Professor Burkhalter appeared on MSNBC’s Katy Tur Reports and The ReidOut with Joy Reid to discuss the police killing of Andrew Brown Jr. He also discussed the concept of qualified immunity with the New York Amsterdam News and spoke about the police killing of Daunte Wright on The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell. In addressing these difficult and deeply tragic events, Professor Burkhalter is able to provide insights on critical reform measures needed to prevent future tragedies.

The Derek Chauvin Trial

Throughout the Derek Chauvin trial, and following last week’s verdict, Professor Rebecca Roiphe, a CBS News legal analyst and former Manhattan prosecutor, and Professor Kirk Burkhalter ’04 were called upon for high-profile analysis.

Professor Roiphe, who co-directs NYLS’s new Criminal Justice Institute, made frequent appearances on CBS to discuss developments in the trial. Professor Burkhalter appeared on ABC News and MSNBC shows, including The ReidOut With Joy Reid, The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell, and Andrea Mitchell Reports.

When the verdict was announced on April 22, both faculty members appeared on CBS News together to share their expertise, each drawing on their unique background.

CBSN screenshot of Professors Burkhalter and Roiphe