NYLS Roundtable: How Have NYLS Scholarships Helped You?

NYLS Roundtable: How Have NYLS Scholarships Helped You?

At New York Law School, we know that the cost of a law degree can be daunting—and it can even stop ambitious applicants from applying. That’s why we’re proud to offer substantial scholarship opportunities that enable our students to pursue their education without added financial stress for them and their families.

We sat down with students from our Day Division and NYLS Pro Evening Division to discuss how scholarships at NYLS have given them the opportunity to become the lawyer they dream of being.

Q: How have NYLS scholarships helped you?

Darryl Bobb ’24 Evening: Fortunately, I’ve benefited from several scholarships since entering New York Law School. And not only financially, but emotionally and spiritually, I felt like I was raised up. And just knowing someone believed in me and heard my story and said that that person can achieve and I’m going to pour into that person—that makes me want to show them that look what someone can do if just given the chance. I feel like one of the things I want to do when I graduate and when I move into my career is pour into the next generation just like the people that came before poured into me.

The three scholarships I’ve received were the BLSA Alumni Dinner Scholarship, the Class of 1968 Scholarship, and the Kathleen Grimm Government Service Scholarship.

Caitlin McGuire ’25 Evening: I was so grateful to receive the Trustees Scholarship to fund my education here at New York Law School. This has meant a great deal to me personally. I’m the first person in my immediate family to attend law school, and the cost of attendance was always very daunting when considering even applying. Transitioning from the working world after nine years was a big leap, and it was great to find a program that would allow me to advance professionally, work, and attend school. I’ve also been very lucky to have an understanding and flexible employer, but it has meant a great deal to me that I did not have to worry about student loans, and it means I can explore the sort of work that I would like to do.

Michael Lucatorto ’24: I have been fortunate enough to be benefited from the Wilf Public Interest Scholarship. This is a full, merit-based scholarship that also includes summer funding for pro bono work. This scholarship has made a world of difference—not only in my own life, but in my entire family’s life. My dream of going to law school felt like just a dream for a while. The most money my family ever made growing up was $40,000 a year, so becoming an attorney never really seemed like a reality. This scholarship completely removed the financial burden of law school for me, and it allowed me to move forward with what I love to do the most which is advocating for the people who need it the most.

Sarah Raymond ’23: I’m currently benefiting from the Starr Scholarship and the Kapelman Scholarship, which are both scholarships given to college and higher education students across the country. And it’s had a huge impact on my life—not only does it help me financially, it takes away some of that burden of paying for school, but it also motivates me every day because I know that I was given those scholarships for a reason, and I want to rise to those standards every day. And I hope one day that I’ll be able to repay the favor by helping kids go to law school in the future.

Elly Bergen ’23: I am extremely fortunate to benefit from a scholarship. I am a recipient of the Trustees Scholarship which has made all of the difference for me, my family, and my education in general. It is the reason that I’m able to pursue an academic career here and outside of the classroom. And I am extremely fortunate and thankful for that opportunity.