Tribeca Pandemic Recovery Task Force

Tribeca Pandemic Recovery Task Force: Business Needs Assessment Survey

Tribeca Pandemic Recovery Task Force

Dear Neighbors:

Greetings from the Tribeca Pandemic Recovery Task Force. I am writing with an update on Task Force’s work, and to request your assistance in providing important survey data to further support it.

As you will recall, the Task Force was formed last spring to assess the economic impacts of the pandemic on Tribeca, facilitate access to governmental resources, and to facilitate community dialogue and short- and long-term needs planning for the neighborhood, with achievable goals and deliverables. The Task Force is a partnership among Tribeca business owners and residents. New York Law School convenes the Task Force and provides staff support from faculty experts and student Neighborhood Legal Fellows.

Since last summer, Task Force members have met and been active out in the neighborhood talking with local businesses and community leaders. The Neighborhood Legal Fellows have engaged hundreds of storefront businesses to survey their economic health and will be producing a public report.

The Task Force’s next phase is a Business Needs Assessment Survey which requires input from Tribeca’s small businesses. This short but important survey, takes only a few minutes to complete. The survey asks businesses to report on a range of issues including the economic impacts of the pandemic, government assistance needs, employee retention challenges, and the desire for coordinated neighborhood marketing. The results will inform planning and facilitation of coordinated services and resources for the neighborhood.

We thank you in advance for your support. The survey will remain open until the end of the year. Task Force members are deeply committed to finding meaningful and realistic strategies to ensure our Tribeca neighborhood emerges from the pandemic even more vibrant and resilient than it was before. If you have any questions about the survey, or anything else you would like to discuss with the Task Force, please email or call Brian Kaszuba at New York Law School at 212.431.2817.

Thank you,

Anthony W. Crowell
Chair, Tribeca Pandemic Recovery Task Force
Dean and President, New York Law School

The Task Force invites the Tribeca community to follow its work by visiting