Hailey Fletcher, Kimberly Aranda, Jason Miranda, Kayla Dobrinski, Brandon Smith, Olivia Hellerich, Dylan Gorodetsky

Belonging at New York Law School: Law Students Speak About the NYLS Community

New York Law School students come from different walks of life and from different parts of the country—and the world. No matter where you come from, our NYLS community ensures that all of our students feel welcome and supported throughout their law school journey and well into their careers.

We spoke with leaders from a few of our many engaged student organizations at New York Law School to hear more about what being a member of the NYLS community means to them.

The NYLS community is…

Kimberly Aranda ’24: Inclusive.

Jason Miranda ’24: Diverse.

Hailey Fletcher ’24: My family.

Olivia Hellerich ’24: Home.

Kayla Dobrinski ’24 Evening: Everyone’s always there for each other.

Brandon Smith ’24: People look out for one another.

Dylan Gorodetsky ’25: Describing what the NYLS community is in one sentence is a difficult task, simply because you can’t do that. There’s so much to say, and I think that speaks for itself.

At New York Law School, there’s a place for everyone.

Hailey Fletcher ’24: At New York Law School, I would say the thing that gives me the biggest sense of belonging is the student body, just because I’ve always been an extrovert, I love meeting people, I love seeing new faces, and when I walk into New York Law School, there’s never a time when I’m not pulled aside by someone or I’m stopping to help someone with their homework or even just talking about their day. It’s so nice to come into a place knowing that I’m always going to see someone that’s just as excited to be where I am, just as excited to say hello. It just feels like home.

Kimberly Aranda ’24: My professors are devoted to having a diverse and inclusive classroom. They encourage open discussions where our opinions are valued and different opinions are also valued.

Jason Miranda ’24: I’ve always preferred a small, close-knit environment for school, and NYLS provides just that. With just over 300 students per class, I’m able to learn my classmates’ names and engage with them on a personal level. Everyone here is willing to learn and offer a unique perspective and there’s always a welcoming presence from both faculty and students that lets anyone feel comfortable no matter who you are or where you come from. Because of this, I feel this deep sense of belonging and that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Brandon Smith ’24: My affinity groups make me feel at home, and the professors that I’ve had so far have been so willing to help inside of the classroom and outside, which is so amazing to be able to rely on them for that.

Kayla Dobrinski ’24 Evening: I find a sense of belonging being with individuals who have similar interests as me. I went to law school with the sole goal of working in criminal justice so I really enjoy meeting and working with like-minded students.

Dylan Gorodetsky ’25: I found my community on the first day of in-person orientation. I saw a group of people that were together and were in the same section as me and I thought, “Why not introduce myself?” And lo and behold, here we are a year later as 2Ls. We’re as close as we’ve ever been and it’s been a blessing to meet these people. You just put yourself out there, be who you are, and people will come to you, and you’ll just be accepted for who you are.

Olivia Hellerich ’24: I felt an immediate sense of community with my 1L section. We all had the same classes our first year, so you really got to bond with the students in your classes. We were going through the same thing when we started law school, so that was really nice to have that community immediately. There’s always someone to step up when you’re in need, and there really is a home for everyone at New York Law School.

Come home to New York Law School.